Owner and creators Kevin Mowers and his wife, Eva Maria, launched BOM BOM Coco Mochanut in 2016. This fairly new and exciting twist on the cream liqueur has already caused a milkshake-up of a sensation amongst the old timers in the cream liqueur trade.  Introducing not only a fresh & up beat look, BOM BOM was inspired by the likes of Moschino and Pharrell Williams, but it also adds an Andy Warhol quirkiness to the table.

On first nose, your senses are greeted with roasted coconut, chocolate fudge ice-cream, and a hint of rum in the backseat.  The taste is a simple, yet smooth combination of buttermilk, chocolate, café latte, and coconut, followed by a warm glow of rum.  This drink is young and exciting in presentation, and it is vibrant and tasty without trying to being too clever.

Kevin’s experience in engineering, science and marketing as well as Eva’s branding and forward fashion thinking, have made this drink a match made in cream liqueur heaven.  Drink on the rocks or take this fun to a whole new level by adding BOM BOM Coco Mochanut to milkshakes, coffee or desserts.

Drink Me Magazine: Coco Mochanut